meatless monday: kale chips

love notes
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 it’s no secret i heart kale chips. heaps. it’s truly a super duper food.
 here’s how to make your own tasty kale chips: take a stalk from the farmer’s market, tear it into small pieces (or bag from grocery store), and coat it in olive oil.
 next coat it in a seasoning of your choice. we use montreal steak seasoning. adding nutritional yeast is also a BIG hit. bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. spread the kale across baking sheet to avoid crispy tops and limp bottoms. i tend to stir it a few times while checking on it.

when it looks crispy, pull the tray from the oven. bon appetit! above is what was left after the cooking process. le pug and i ate it all in one sitting. sooooo yummy. oh, and here’s a great how-to on vegan cheezy spicy kale chip. such an easy (and tasty) way to infuse your diet with tasty dark leafy greens. 
here are a few informative websites on veg living out there:

yay for our health, the environment, and the animals! bisous. x