new youtube video + yummy bath products

love notes
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check out our latest youtube video on the greening of the new tranquil space. it’s a very exciting time as we gear up for our transition to a new home. we’re planning our grand opening party date in early may and i hope you’ll be able to join us in the celebration!

washingtonians, please take a moment to click here and choose your favorite dc hot spots – including yoga studio!

i’ve been meaning to write about this yummy bath product company biggs and featherbelle – what a fun name! their materials are fabulous, their products smell amazing, and they are two sisters. their soaps are to die for. yummmmm!

beau is off to california to learn some yoga software goodness so it’s just pug and i for a few days. then i’m off to the catskills to lead our hip tranquil chick retreat. we have some lovely ladies from as far as texas and florida joining us for the weekend. i promise to take loads of photos to share! should be a delightful escape in the country.