Picnic in the Park

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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although I never felt the longing for human babies, since childhood I’ve been crazy about “mothering” animals. Apparently there is a maternal instinct somewhere deep down and it pours out toward furry beings.

Since my first furbaby Louis, I’ve milked all I possibly could out of Mother’s Day and took it to a new level this year.

Friday was Mother’s Day Eve Eve {yep!} and included wine, salad, and olives at our favorite dog-friendly neighborhood spot.

Saturday was obviously Mother’s Day Eve and that called for a dog-friendly event at the Congressional Cemetery followed by two homemade vegan meals by Chef Tim.

Yesterday began with a jaunt to the farmers’ market and a Vegan Treats Pop-Up. Although they were out of peonies, I bought a $20 peony bush that had one bloom and have high hopes for growing my very own peonies.

Next we headed to Rock Creek Park for a picnic followed by a hike thorough a lush forest with a babbling brook following us the whole way. The day ended with a vegan meal at Busboys and Poets. I’d call it a perfect Mother’s Day experience.

Today feels like Boxing Day. You know, that random holiday following the big one when we’re left feeling sad because all the hubbub has passed? Well, good news, Tim reminded me that June is approaching and that means BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Okay, now that I’m feeling better, I wanted to share my picnic ingredients in case you, too, would like an easy-to-create lunch in the park.


Picnic basic or bag
Cloth napkins
Blanket or throw


Fruit (Asian pear and banana shown, apple not shown)
Bubbly in a can
Reusable water bottle (not shown)
Vegan cupcake
Vegan cheese
Peanut butter (not shown)
Rosemary crackers (not shown)
Olives (not shown)

We slathered avocado and tomato slices onto the baguette, peanut butter onto apples, and vegan cheese onto crackers. We noshed on handfuls of nuts and I took one slow bite at a time of the cupcake while sipping bubbly from a pink can.

Although there were gnats and an occasional sprinkle, it was a sweet experience that nurtured the soul. Spending time in nature continually teaches the importance of slowing down and savoring.

And nothing beats being with family while enjoying yummy food under a green canopy of foliage. Consider scheduling a picnic in the park this month and observe your body soften into slowness. Bisous. x