self-care cancellations

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bonjour from my loft bed. as i type only a few feet from the ceiling, i feel oddly spacious despite the cramped quarters. last night when i got home from my evening meal at mid-night, i looked at my planner pad and cringed. why do i overschedule? why are there SO many meetings? where can i make some space? i e-mailed a couple of appointments and rescheduled. it worked well for both of them and felt oddly liberating. yes, i gotta take control of the schedule. i can’t let it control me. profound concept, eh?

yesterday while i was en route to an appointment, i had a phone meeting with a friend who was staying home from work to catch up on some “me time,” clean the house, and just be for a few hours. i was envious and feel liberated knowing that i, too, can do this and the world still spins. do yourself a favor, make a cancellation or write in some self-care time and take control of your day.

signing off to take a much-needed nap before tonight’s open house festivities at tranquil space arlington. sending you good thoughts from the loft bed in the oh-so-tiny pink palace. happy start to your weekend.