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i’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.–maya angelou

this quote has stuck with me since i came across it as it offers a powerful statement into how best to live our lives. as tranquil space continues to grow and expand with offerings, i believe this quote truly captures what we strive to do at the studio. i received an e-mail from someone yesterday who wrote, “the first time i walked into the studio, there were actually tears in my eyes because more so than any other place in the city, this felt like home. i still have that same flood of gratitude for being able to practice in such an amazing place with such inspiring teachers. not only does tranquil space provide the ability to move my body and stretch my mind, it refreshes and recharges me spiritually and allows me to give more fully in all the other aspects of my life.” her e-mail caused me to reflect on this quote and how best to ensure i make others feel special at the studio and beyond.

at tranquil space, we focus on creating an experience for our students—complete with music, the smell of lavender, assists during class, soothing ambiance, and tea and cookies. we hope we succeed in truly offering you a tranquil space—a sacred haven in the city. i’d like to take the reflection on senses a step further to discuss how best to use them in a hip and tranquil way during our daily life to have a lasting effect on ourselves and others:

communication: there’s a saying that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. when communicating with others, notice your delivery, and carefully choose your words. during teacher training students are taught to teach yoga in a clear and concise manner. say exactly what you mean. this translates beautifully off the mat and helps to keep expectations clear and avoid assumption. speak from the “i” and always express gratitude. oh, and people love hearing the sound of their names, use them often.

touch: when connecting with someone, i find it powerful to shake their hand, give a hug, or touch them on their arm when communicating. we don’t get enough touch in our society and reaching out to another in this way can have a great impact. find ways to include more deep connection to others—whether it is through physical touch or emotional touch (asking how someone is doing and really listening). your ability to connect with others on an emotional level can take you further than any time management skill or advanced yoga pose. ultimately we are here to connect fully with one another and to help ease each other’s journey.

presentation: how we present ourselves to the world speaks volumes of how we feel internally. i remember this playing out when selling candy as a camp fire girl in grade school. the amount of candy i would sell when i approached the doors cheerfully versus filled with an obvious sense of frustration that my mom had me hitting the streets again on a saturday morning was astounding. the lesson has stayed with me. we really are as happy as we make our minds up to be. sure selling candy when your girlfriends are home watching cartoons wasn’t my first choice, but it was up to me to make the most out of it (and sell enough to win a “free” tent). by presenting your best self physically, mentally, and emotionally to the world, you may inspire others to do the same and are sure to touch lives simply through your presense.

while i work on the mission for the tranquil space foundation (it’s currently to create a tranquil space in our society but everyone says i need to narrow it down—too broad apparently!), i continue to be drawn to the notion of touching lives. how can our footprint during our time on earth leave the most profound effect? in what small way can you make a difference today? how can you make someone feel better at this moment? a quick e-mail, phone call, e-card, compliment, expression of gratitude or touch?

thank you for constantly touching my life in such a hip and tranquil way. here’s to a continuous connection to making each other feel special . . .