a day o’ creative play

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image + how to courtesy of transient expression
bonjour and happy, happy saturday.

when i realized that it was saturday and i was in the country (have those moments where you wake up and wonder where you are?), i jumped out of bed and headed for my creative space. i couldn’t wait to begin organizing, exploring, reaching out to podcast interviewees, journaling, reading, and writing. 
here’s what i’ve found so far:
2. this fun e-course on creating a charmed business 
3. this video of elizabeth gilbert sent to me by a girlfriend  
5. eye candy from bust re: jason wu’s target launch
6. 3 new books per gwen bell‘s recommendation:  
7. inspiring video + ideas on be more with less
next up: massage, penning thank yous, yoga, and a big dose of being 
(with books, journal, cuppa tea + art supplies in hand). 
may your saturday involve a dose of creative play + a dollop of being. you deserve it. bisous. x