an attitude of gratitude

love notes
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tonight was a special evening that i was lucky to celebrate with gina davis, my managing director. tranquil space was awarded dc’s best yoga studio and were recognized as one of the top 50 businesses in dc. the evening’s festivities made me smile as i chatted with fellow entrepreneurs, dreamers, award winners, and nominees. the air in the room was light and jovial as businesses deservingly took pride in their award. entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart, and i’m constantly reminded of it when in a room with others who have given their life to building a passion. it is easy to get isolated into a little bubble of one’s busines, but it is so refreshing to connect with others who also have businesses open 364 days a year, struggle to deal with cash flow concerns, strive to exceed in creating a good experience for clients, and have abundant ideas but lack the energy or resources to make them happen. i could go on and on. ahhh, the joys of entrepreneurship…

i extend a HUGE sense of gratitude for those of you who voted and helped make this award possible. i also extend a HUGE congrats for all nominated in these numerous categories and all who won. way to go! may we continue to move in a direction that helps make a difference in other’s lives and helps them live more fully – from cupcakes to yoga to sushi to books to shoes (all award winners tonight!). xoxo