apricot croissants, tea, indian food, rain, nap = day 9 a la paris

love notes
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day neuf: 
today started with high hopes and big plans. i had beau put together a map of the must-hit finale shops – mainly bead and vintage shops coupled with h&m and monoprix. i know, i know but every h&m in nyc is different so the ones here in paris must be, too. well, our dreams were thwarted (but his map was stellar) with massive rain sans umbrella (beau’s iphone said 60 degrees and sunny) plus all the shops on the right bank were closed. boo. the parisians take sunday seriously – rest! back to left bank after a yummy veggie risotto (ate too fast to photograph) and espresso a la beau. picked up a few more gifts and headed home for a nap. still up until the 5am hour each night so getting up early to hit the closed shops made me tres sleepy. en route back to chez moi we stopped for some yummy patries: i savored an apricot croissant (how do the french women stay thin when surrounded by such decadence?) and beau got some chocolate donuty thing. we also hit a chocolatier and i snapped the photo of the moulin rouge collection – so feminine. the french know how to savor their chocolate! home for a yummy nap. then out to a nearby indian restaurant for amazing veggie curry and three flutes of bubbly mixed with passion fruit liqueur. oh my! my arms still feel fuzzy from the delightfulness. the waiter was like “lots of alcohol” and i was like “oui, one more.” it’s similar to a bellini (which i adore) but full of antioxidants (due to the passion fruit) or so i told myself. a fun, chill day. now i need to start packing and i’m totally resisting. boo. we’ll hit the vintage and not-so-vintage (h&m) shops that were closed and then head to the airport tomorrow. boo. all in all, a delightful journey. i have oodles of writing and promised-to-my-publisher work to do on the flight home. until then, i’ll continue to savor every moment. paris je t’aime.