art journal extravaganza

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art journal: 
a way to give physical form to your thoughts, everyday events, dreams, and exceptional occasions. 

types of art journals:
daily thoughts, travel journal, exercise or diet diary, dream journal, business plan, goals, to-dos or ideas, cards, any record that you’d like to keep in a book or notebook.

how to: 
gather images, words, photos, paint, markers, journal, paper bags, tissue paper, scissors, glue sticks, japanese masking tape, favorite magazines, stamps, stamp pads, ribbon, and other ephemera (first photo showcases participant’s ephemera goodie bag). open to any page, provide background, add images, add writing, date. voila! great handout by art therapist kelly brown.

 because it’s fun, involves reused materials, and fuels your creative spark! and . . .  regular practice of creating via an art journal can reduce your heart rate, increase serotonin flow and immune cells, and decrease stress responses according to elizabeth warson of GWU’s art therapy program. these findings complement previous well-known studies by james pennebaker on the benefits of writing about distressful experiences and the physiological changes that journaling can bring about in the long term.
more scoop at psychology today.

merci beaucoup to the lovely ladies who shared their saturday afternoon with moi. i’m honored and grateful. read more on the experience at city life eats.
happy creating.