artist’s date: new york

love notes
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 sweet set up with striped straws + tulips + pastel cups
 pussy willows topped with ribbons
 handmade banners
 tulips + ephemera + journal + striped straw
handmade banner + scene of city streets
after an exciting showing of vegucated at tranquil space last night, le beau and i chatted into the wee hours discussing heaps of ideas and rehashing the past two weeks. last i recall, the clock glared 12:30am. then the alarm sang at 4:30am (yikes!).  i jumped out of bed and onto a bus to nyc. shocked to find a full bus, i napped a bit sitting straight up en route to holly becker + leslie shewring’s blogging workshop. hmmm, can we say tired? 
i was delighted to be greeted with such beauty at today’s workshop: chronicle journals to take notes, a small ephemera packet, handmade banners and flurescent paper hung throughout, tulips, pastel paper goods, and pussy willows donning tied ribbons. i immediately felt at home and snapped the above photos with glee. 
i took ten pages of notes in my tiny ideas book and wanted to share a few takeaways in no particular order:
* use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life
* be an explorer of the world – see things with new eyes
* craft mood boards
* read + comment on other blogs
* ask others what they seek my strengths + weaknesses to be
* ask self lots of questions
* note 5 major goals i want to achieve
* weed your garden (literally + figuratively)
* have dinner alone
* answer, “if i had all the resources in the world, what would i be doing with my life?”
* write weekly columns (like things i love, week in review)
* try a 6-week series (love this idea – suggestions on what you’d like to see?)
* do regular blog redesigns
* do a blog survey (coming soon here)
* post regularly on where else you can be found (ex. twitter, facebook)
 * host a pop up shop = love!
* host sponsors
* teach workshops, online courses, classes
* sell downloadable content and products
* CAKE = confident, approachable, knowledgeable, engaging
* answer, “what story do you want your blog to tell?”
* showcase most popular posts
* have a clear about + contact page
fun stuff, eh? considering i’ve been blogging for nearly 7 years now, it’s amazing how much there is still to learn and experience. the incorporation of photos plus the beauty of instagram (i’m @tranquilitydujour on it) has added such a creative touch to my blog. instagram turns the smartphone and everyday adventures into art. 
i hope this artist date sprinkles some love into your blogging or journaling journey. here are a few blogging resources for going deeper:
wishing you a tranquil saturday night. i’m off to do a few moments of window shopping before busing back to dc and finishing up march’s tranquilologie musings. if you have any suggestions for tranquility du jour, please pass them along as i love all your fun ideas and many things have come out of them such as tranquilologie and the creative + conscious business e-course!
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