back from boulder

love notes
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my journey to colorado was lovely. i got home around 11pm last night, taught a 3-hour workshop on spiritual activism today, soaked in a LUSH bath bomb-filled tub, ate a yummy mexican meal, handled e-mails, and am about to crawl into bed early. before catching our plane, BFF and i drove through the mountains in awe. so majestical and so humbling. mother nature has a way of putting everything in perspective.

the last few days of our training offered us an amazing chance to connect. after spending two weeks together (one in january) and baring our souls, it was sad to say goodbye. i always get a bit sentimental about goodbyes. we practiced tonglen the last two days and it’s a practice that i’d like to embody more often. click on the above link to learn more.

i’d hoped to get a podcast out tonight but instead i’m crawling into bed early to listen to the rain outside and rest in front of the fire. our 600-square-foot “pink palace” is jam-packed with boxes in preparation for our studio move and it’s important to find solace in any way i can at the moment. rain and fire are sure fixes!