beading & bookstores

love notes
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yesterday i had a meeting with my fab assistant which included some beading time (made the new necklace i’m wearing in the photo – loving working with chain) and then ended with a 9pm meeting with a fellow htc, carolyn, in from austin! since starbucks closed and encouraged us to return at 6am the next morning (ugh!), i dropped her at krammer’s for some bookstore browsing – always a favorite hip tranquil chick past time. lovely to meet you, carolyn, can’t wait for costa rica!

my body is crying for yoga as i’ve been glued to the computer and in tranquil space foundation meetings all day. began work on the tranquilology proposal and announced the location of our new arlington space – 3260 wilson boulevard – to the team. so exciting! stay tuned for a hopeful fall opening of tranquil space classes across the river.

also, settled on a name for my new beading passion – tranquilista. you know, like fashionista? like it? hope so! looking for eco-friendly packaging and all pieces will be named and one of a kinds. creating is such fun!

off to bed as i my first meeting is at 9:30am and my last at 8:15pm. another long, exciting day but my body is sure to get some rockin’ yoga. ‘night and namaste.