The Beauty of Spontaneity

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Forgoing to-dos and plans, Tim and I took a spontaneous 24-hour jaunt to Dewey Beach on Friday.

While this may feel like a small gesture, as someone who handed my clients a white slip of paper with all my 2016 away dates in January, I’m proud of our spontaneity. Sure, not everyone plans a year out, but for those of us who do, packing an overnighter and hitting the road feels liberating.

Tim had accumulated points that translated to a free room at the pet-friendly Hyatt Place, my Saturday plans shifted so the day was open, and Belle Starr had never seen a beach. Prepared to hit insane get-to-the-beach traffic, we left DC at 5pm and held our breath. Without a traffic back up in sight, we made it within 2.5 hours and exhaled with gratitude as we hit the beach town.

After dining on a pet-friendly patio as the sun set, we headed to the dark beach to hear the waves before bed. Since Dewey Beach is dog-friendly before 9:30am and after 5:30pm, when Belle began stirring at 6:30am, we all headed out to enjoy the full white sand experience. We grabbed a towel, dog bowl, tennis ball, water, a book, and the pugs.

The beach was quiet with few inhabitants so we let Mookie off-leash to {try to} run off his anxious energy. Belle stayed tucked around Tim’s legs—where she is typically found if not on his lap or hiding from me in her crate—clearly confused by the experience and scared of the crashing waves sound.

As the beach filled with people on phones, more dogs, and beach chairs, we headed back to the hotel to shower off the sand and nap before our drive home. To round out the adventure, we stopped at dog-friendly Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE for a tasting and veggie burger. I highly recommend their lavender-infused Bière de Provence.

We were back to DC within 24 hours of leaving with exhausted pups, new beers, and great memories.

Although I’m still prone to planning and am eager to pen my August dreams, I love the freedom that comes with making decisions on the fly. It’s often during moments such as these where I’ll have “aha” moments or feel my shoulders drop from my ears.

There are few expectations and, instead, an overwhelming sense of adventure in what unfolds. What would happen if we lived life like this more often? Hmmm, one to ponder {and try}. You may just find you like it. Here’s to more spontaneous moments. Bisous. x