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the lovely kaileen and tiffany sent moi these GORGEOUS vision boards that they designed during a recent artist date. tres inspiring! a BIG merci for sharing your creative work.

if you’re interested in getting your creativity on, join moi on monday at the TranquiliT showroom (final event there) for a creative extravaganza. learn my top five tips for creative flair. not local? consider the mp3!

in august i’ll be doing my yoga and creativity week at kripalu. consider a week of healthy dining, yummy yoga, creative expression, oodles of artist dates, meditation time, hiking, and more!

for my own creative inspiration, i’m acknowledging my yoga practices with gold foil stars, rearranging my surroundings, filling up my damask ideas book, seeking blank space (on walls and counters), and planning reorganization days to declutter. what’s on the horizon for your creative self?