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bonjour from the pink palace! i’m excited to share that i went to beadazzled today to get my gear for tomorrow’s 9am intro to beading class. after taking an hour of a delightful yin practice focused on hips (yum!), i galavanted over to pick up my tools for class and enjoyed every minute of it. finally chose big, chunky oval rose quartz beads for my necklace and big shells carved into a rose motif for my earrings and pendant on the rose quartz necklace. i skipped home with my new goodies and beau pretended to be enthused while prepping for a podcast (an interview with 3 mamas who teach yoga at tranquil space – stay tuned for this insightful podcast on motherhood to air around mother’s day!).

i began the day with a podcast interview of gail mcmeekin who wrote one of my favorite books, 12 secrets of highly creative women. she shared great tips on creative living (podcast coming soon) and mentioned her passion for watercolor. ahhhh, that is also on my creativity to-do list. do you ever feel like there are so many creative excursions out there and it’s hard to make them all happen? i just love dabbling in as many as possible.

take a moment this weekend to indulge your creative spirit: make a new sauce, try a new recipe, listen to a crafty podcast, visit a crafty blog, color, draw, knit, dance, sing, crochet, write in your journal, repot a plant, bake some cookies, add aromatherapy oil to your bath.