cupcake delight

love notes
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i’m excited to share that the yummy sugar-coated cupcakes are back at starbucks. i rarely make it into a starbucks anymore since the studio is no longer across the street from one. today during a stroll back to the showroom post-appointment, i ducked in to indulge in a soy chai latte. and what to my wondering eyes appeared – the annual holiday cupcake! i recall wanting one so badly last year around this time and was pulling on a starbucks door with my mouth salivating, eyeing the gem in the case, and the door being locked. i walked home with my head hung low. now they’re back. get ’em while you can!

if you’re in the mood to learn to knit using sustainable yarn, please check out our knitting workshop at the TranquiliT showroom THIS saturday at 10am. the teacher has lovely energy and is excited to share her craft. here’s more about her and her fabulous art. hope you can join! in the meantime, wishing you lots of cupcake love mingled with DIY sustainable yarn love. a perfect concoction.