DIY Retreats

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Hi everyone. I’m Amanda from over at Creative DC, a friend of Kimberly’s and a member of the Tranquil Space Foundation steering committee. I’ll be guest blogging for Kimberly this week while she’s away in Costa Rica, leading what sounds like an absolutely amazing yoga and creativity retreat. I’m honored that she’s asked me to fill in for her.

So raise your hand if you wish you were in Costa Rica this week. Yep – me too. I went with Kimberly on the retreat she led in Tobago a couple of years back, and it stands out as one of the best weeks of my entire life: twice daily yoga practices, afternoons at the beach, delicious vegetarian meals…and heaps (to use a use a Kimberly word) of time by myself.

But now for a pep talk: While nothing can substitute for the experience of traveling, you don’t need to leave town to give yourself the experience of a retreat. Case in point: last night, I found myself waiting 30 minutes for the bus to come, and turned that into 30 minutes of journal writing, soaking in the sights and sounds of my neighborhood as evening fell on the last night of a holiday weekend.

Now, is this the same as a week in tropical paradise? Of course not. But it buoyed me, gave me a surge of energy that comes from taking time out for yourself to revel in whatever strikes your fancy.

If a bus stop can be a retreat – just think of the possibilities!

Here are some ideas:

  • Busboys and Poets
  • Rock Creek Park
  • The Kahlil Gibran Memorial on Massachusetts Avenue
  • Teaism
  • The National Arboretum
  • A restaurant you’ve been wanting to try
  • Your backyard

…and of course, Tranquil Space :).

So grab your journal, sketchbook, camera, and find an hour to take yourself to one of these spots. Turn off your cell phone, and revel in indulging your need for solitude. Feel free to go further – design an entire retreat day for yourself. Share your ideas using the Comments feature below.

Have fun!