gift giving with grace

love notes
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crisp country air. pets slowly stirring. sun beginning to rise. as the rest of the house is sleeping, i am still basking in my jet lag glow that has me sleepy and wide awake at odd hours. what’s a girl to do but get going despite inhumane wake-ups of 3, 4, and 5am?

i snapped photos of these two gifts that i recently received from readers abroad. aren’t they absolutely darling? such perfect, thoughtful gifts. pink, sparkly, flair, leopard print – one delectably handmade. merci beaucoup from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so special AND for capturing who i am with these goodies.

as we approach the gift giving season, i wanted to share a few tranquil tips that i’ve been playing with over the past few years to help make the process a little less hustle and bustle.

1. give handmade – by you or an indie designer on etsy. knit a scarf, bead a necklace, decorate a journal, sew a knit skirt, crochet a bebe blanket – options are endless.

2. give an experience – tickets to the ballet, a massage, artist date afternoon with you complete with a journal and favorite inspirational book, recipe + ingredients for your foodie friend, train ticket to new york or nearby artsy city.

3. gift cards – these days my family exchanges amazon gift cards considering we are all bibiliophiles and le beau is sure to get an apple gift card. easy, quick, and the recipient can use as they choose.

4. forgo gifts – invite friends and/or family over and honor them through a special fete just for them. choose the perfect tunes, libations, food, and decor to make the evening sparkle.

5. send sOMething living – fragrant wreaths (a fave of gramma’s), flower bouquet, sponsor an animal in their name.

i used to buy gifts throughout the year as i saw the perfect thing to give during the holly daze. now i do my best to support the needs/personality of the recipient coupled with options (ex. gift cards) and low carbon and landfill footprint (ex. experiences).

as we journey into this sacred time of the year, i encourage you to reflect on how you can make this holly day season uniquely you.  

choose compassion. give green. create an experience. reduce waste.