Halloween Looks

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After a quick jaunt to the nearby town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia for lunch and baked goods, we got into our Star Wars gear while there was still daylight.

Tim had gotten the pups their Star Wars branded (seriously) pet costumes over the past few months plus a red (although it looks pink in the daylight) crystal for my saber to turn me into a Sith. Not sure what/who that is, but was informed I could wear all black to be one, so I was on board!

During the “official” photo shoot (attached his phone to a tree), we also recorded videos for family and a few friends who have kids that are Star Wars fans. In one video Tim says, “I’m nearly 50 years old!” and we laugh!

We spent the rest of the evening fireside watching scary films and noshing on popcorn into the wee hours. Woke up so grateful for today’s extra hour—truly a gift!

Oh, and did you see the full moon? It’s so big, bright, and beautiful!

Hope you had a joyful holiday filled with pumpkins, treats, and celebration. Bisous. x