happy friday!

love notes
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up early for a 6:50 am radio interview. whew is that early! it’s been fun watching the sun come up as i plugged away on e-mails. i could get used to this but will probably have to crawl back into my warm bed for another hour before truly facing the day. of course i had a lovely pink scented candle burning, louis on my lap, and pomegranate tea to keep my scenses engaged.

beau, pug, and i are off to charlotte, north carolina this weekend as i will be leading two workshops and a booksigning over tea and cookies at the lovely yoga south. then we head to asheville and maybe a journey through the smokies. back on monday. looking forward to this mini getaway. i’ve heard from a few of you (even an australian hip tranquil chick) that you’d like to have a workshop or book signing in your town. if so, e-mail me as i’m putting together travel plans for the year and would love to meet as many of you as possible.

take a moment to celebrate martin luther king‘s amazing work impressively accomplished in 39 young years. he made such an impact on human rights and is a shining example on having dreams and making changes that affect society on incredible levels.

finally, i wanted to share a tip passed along from a fellow hip tranquil chick:

“I’m a faithful blog reader and I just found out about this nifty thing from Google called “Desktop Yoga”. You can set it to remind you to stretch or do a little yoga while you’re sitting at your desk all day and it even gives you suggestions. I just downloaded it so I’m still trying to figure out all of the options, but it seems like it might be something fun to try. You can find it by going to http://desktop.google.com/plugins/ and search for yoga. I just thought it might be helpful to other HTCs!”

happy friday, my dear ones!