Happy Halloweeeeeennnnnn

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Today is All Saints’ Eve. A time to honor the season, the departed, the mystical, the saints, and, well, one’s sweet tooth.

Ideas for Celebration:

Light a candle. Carve pumpkins. Dress up as an idol {I was Anais Nin one year}. Sip hot cider. Make a wish. Walk through fallen leaves and listen to them crunch below. Watch a scary movie. Go to a haunted house. Roast pumpkin seeds. Make a specialty cocktail. Roast vegan s’mores over a campfire. Dress up your pets {because they clearly love it!}. Listen to a ghost story podcast. Eat lots of candy {popular vegan options}. Cook a favorite fall dish {recipes}. Tour a haunted place. Paint pumpkins. Go on a hayride. Make a Halloween playlist {hello “Monster Mash“}. Place a flower or candle at the grave of a loved one. Bob for apples. Binge watch “Stranger Things” or “Mindhunter.”

Wishing you a yours a moment of magic today (and every day}. Bisous. x