happy monday!

love notes
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i’m gearing up for the week and carefully putting together my weekly lists in the planner pad. ah, how can the to-dos be non-ending? i don’t like carrying certain ones over week after week. i guess that’s when it is best to reevaluate whether those to-dos are worth keeping, eh? i do have some unscheduled creative time on friday afternoon and hope to get a table of contents on my new book re-write to my agent. gotta have that space to sit down and create!

the booksigning in baltimore today was a treat. i have a lovely photo to share once blogger’s photo upload begins working again. afterwards, beau and i hit the inner harbor for dinner and some bookstore browsing. i came across a new book that just came out called life entrepreneurs: ordinary people creating extraordinary lives. i was interviewed for it last year and it was fun to see it on the shelves. check it out! also, turns out my favorite business book author, michael gerber, has just published a new book. ahhhh, that book-buying moratorium. as i was throwing a fit, beau reminded me that i also have yet to finish michael’s former book. ok, i’ll hold off but i can’t wait to read it!

finished my creativity coaching certification this week and now i can put all my extracurricular efforts toward the naropa leadership training. i’m struggling to keep up with the readings – although it is all very interesting! happy creating.

i’ve set my key results for the week (top priorities) and look forward to a new, fresh week! and, to my dear online creativity circle ladies, i think you’ll love what the next two weeks have in store for you!