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sweet16mom + Mookie posing by our sidewalk chalk art

Happy, happy birthday Tranquil Space.

Today is its Sweet 16 celebratory bake sale for charity (Tranquil Space Foundation and Farm Sanctuary).

Although I’m in Tuscany leading the final day of our Art + Asana retreat, my heart is also with our community in DC and Virginia.

16 years ago I hung fliers around Dupont Circle and opened the living room of my 4th floor walk-up to strangers. A warm fire, inspiring quotes tied with ribbon, and soothing tunes from a cassette tape {yes, a cassette tape} greeted yogis. The experience ended with homemade chai served in porcelain cups.

Although the sensory-filled offerings have shifted over the years, these sweet details remain critical to the Tranquil Space experience and it’s our team who makes them happen.

From hands-on assists, to creative and compassionate classes, to warm welcomes at the front desk, to playing music {not on cassette tapes}, to restocking supplies, to training new team members and teachers, to buying for the boutique, to keeping the studios clean—we couldn’t do it with their tireless and generous contributions.

From the bottom of my heart I thank the team for all they do to sprinkle sensory-filled tranquility onto DC/VA every single day {except Christmas, it’s our one day off!}.

And to the amazing community that has grown out of this experience over the years, I’m in awe.

Thank you for being part an integral part of this journey—in spirit, online, or in person.

Happy, happy Sweet 16. May you continue to serve tranquility far and wide.

Savvy Sources

To honor our 15th year, we had a big party, created a video, and I shared stories:

Also, here’s our 10-year video sharing more stories.