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On our final full day in Costa Rica included a jaunt to a craft store full of embroidery yarn, ribbon, and zippers in all colors imaginable. I snapped these photos in awe. We headed into San Jose to visit the artisan booths at Plaza la Democracia and I picked up handcrafted goodies for Tranquil Space boutiques and gift giving. Note the gorgeous belt in the last photo = love. Made by the family of the vendor who sold them to me! Yay for buying local, handmade artisan goodies.

Side note, I’m currently obsessed with embroidery. Must learn. We tried to get a private lesson but no one could make it within out allotted schedule. Alas, looks like I’ll need to find a local teacher. Suggestions? I’ve heard great things about sublime stitching and look forward to diving into their work and website.

Off to see Wicked with le Beau, then Krishna Das and Sharon Salzbergy tonight with a beloved girlfriend. Podcast tonight PLUS announcement of goodie bag winner (includes fair trade Costa Rican coffee). Still time to enter! Best wishes for a beautiful Sunday.

Bisous. x