Hola from Costa Rica

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Today is our quiet day in Costa Rica. It’s a day set aside for full-day excursions such as white water rafting or soaking in the hot springs. For the past many years, I tend to stay back at the resort to rest, read, and write.

As always, this group has been an absolute delight. Women at various stages of life from as far north as New York, west as Oklahoma, east as DC, and south as North Carolina have joined us on this yoga, mindfulness, and creativity adventure.

We’re dabbling in art journaling (vintage video) all week. Watching and participating as women play with collage, paint, and markers is a surprisingly joyful experience. Who knew that paper and glue sticks could bring so much entertainment?

Feeling down or overwhelmed? Grab a notebook, tear inspiring images from a magazine, arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to your eye. Glue them down and write over them with a black, gold, or silver Sharpie. Muse on why you chose those particular images, the process of creating, if there’s theme that’s come up on the page, how you’re feeling, or anything in between. More journaling ideas here.

This simple act which can take five minutes to a week-long retreat is a restorative process backed by science. Try it, I think you may just love it! Bisous. x