india day 8

love notes
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this journey has been amazing so far. truly.

i’ve been online a total of 4 hours so my blog time has been limited. le sigh AND big kudos. fun to immerse myself in this journey.

i wanted to share a few fave photos with you to sum up the past 3 days since i was online: donning saris for arati with a local swami, shopping for upcOMing india night at tranquil space (fundraiser for 2 india charities complete with indian food, trunk show, and photos), harmonium lesson, visit to a meditation cave and temple, and yummy mint honey tea. j’adore!

oodles of photos in my “colorful india” album on my facebook page. peruse and enjoy. looks like i may be returning next november so there may be more adventures forthcOMing.

wishing you a beautiful, restful, tranquil, colorful launch into your weekend. dashing off to pick up a few more goodies for india night before teaching class this evening. bisous, bisous, bisous.