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 cover of france art journal

 bonjour from a campsite near st. tropez.

yesterday we drove from our campsite in cannes to st. tropez and it was one of the most beautiful drives ever (comparable in beauty to pacific coast highway in california). i’m the driver since our camper is a stick shift and le beau/le pug are navigators. as you can image, le pug is not so helpful.

we’re steps from the water and about to head out for an afternoon jaunt. days are filled with making simple meals, reading, art journaling, writing, and photographing le pug doing anything cute. it’s been a journey to remember already and we still have salon de provence, aix, avignon, grasse, and maybe camarague to do!

soooo want to get to thich nhat hanh’s plum village but it doesn’t look like it will fit into this journey. le sigh. hmmmm, maybe a 40th birthday plan?

in the interim, i’ll keep exploring the l’art de vivre (the art of living) in a mindful way at campsites and by how i spend my precious time during this joyful jaunt. bisous. x

p.s. final day to share your thoughts on enhancing tranquility du jour, s’il vous plaît. survey open until midnight pacific time (PDT) and 10 hand painted love note winners will be announced. merci beaucoup for all the great input so far!

 love this pastel-infused ad
 text over paris map
 sweet note from tricia with additional ephemera
 a fave polka dot page
pink watercolor over marilyn
more polka dots plus gorg tickets from day at monet’s gardens