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one of my favorite books is called the seed handbook by lynne franks and it is such a powerful resource for female entrepreneurs. i came across the text below on her website and wanted to share. please enjoy and keep planting those seeds, you’ll be amazed at what will bloom! xo, kimberly

Starting a business should be organic, something that grows naturally from who you are as a person. It’s about taking responsibility for your own life and enjoying the results. SEED is all about giving women the practical and emotional skills to create a business based on the feminine values of integrity, connection and personal growth.

1. Planting the seeds

Preparing to start a business is like planning a garden. We have to nurture our seeds – or ideas – and allow them to bloom into a healthy plant – or enterprise.

2. Clearing the ground

It’s important create the right environment to grow your vision. You need to clear the clutter from your life, internally and externally. You’ll need physical space to work – a desk, kitchen table, so get set on clearing away all the excess stuff to make room.

3. Finding mental space

When starting up your own enterprise, you need to listen to your inner voice. Finding quiet time must become an essential part of your daily routine if you want to succeed. You need to clear away the noise in your life to prepare for your new venture.

4. Be true to yourself

Pin-point your strengths and weaknesses and learn to recognise the gifts and passions that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Knowing what you do best is vital to the success of your venture.

5. Work on your vision

Feel your way into your future by thinking about the qualities and feelings you want in your business. Create a vision book of all images and words that inspire you and are important to you. Keep adding to it and not only will this help you to create your enterprise, but it will be a constant source of inspiration to you.

6. Money talks

Many women feel uncomfortable talking about money. Creating a budget is essential to running a successful business. Follow this basic rule: whatever money coming in has to cover what is going out. And don’t give up your day job until you’re at the point where you’re sure of the viability of your enterprise.

7. Creating a community

Even if your business is a one-woman enterprise there’s plenty of ways to connect with other people. Connect through networking, partnerships and co-operatives. Always carry business cards and don’t be shy about distributing them.