joy of journal writing

love notes
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last night i brought my 2.10 journal to a close. 
it always feels cathartic, and a bit sad, to pen final thoughts in a journal.
it’s as if that chapter is over and i’m moving on despite having it documented
and at my finger tips. sigh. however, the joy of starting fresh is all-too-exciting!
especially with this gorgeous book of days created by papapya art.
a few favorite journaling tips:
1. write as the muse hits
2. writing first thing in the morning can be a great brain dump extravaganza
3. note date, time, location, mood
4. ponder “what isn’t working?” or “what wants attention” or “what is transpiring within”
5. doodle, dream, draft
6. add color: pens, paint, markers
7. explore themes
8. forgo punctuation, grammar, spelling
9. keep your journal in tow, especially on travels
10. let go of your inner critic

bisous. x