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love notes
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More than kisses, letters mingle souls.—John Donne

Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is a true delight. I rip it open with a big smile on my face and typically sit down to drink it in. Since the sale of Tranquil Space, I’ve been privy to more snail mail than usual and it’s meant so much. I have a stack on my desk that feels like a shrine.

Since childhood I’ve been a letter writer—thank you notes, get well cards, condolences. My beloved Gramma and I communicated via snail mail for nearly four decades. I have an entire basket dedicated to stationery waiting to be written upon along with pretty floral postage stamps, piles of washi tape, and a personalized rubber stamp with my address to I dip into pink ink.

Writing a letter is a sensory experience. Typically there’s a cuppa tea nearby and a candle burning. I love the feel of the  paper and pen in my hand, the sealing of the envelope with washi tape, and the dropping of the letter into the big blue post box.

Yesterday I stuffed 20 envelopes with lavender tea, a 5×7 photo from our Team Thank You Soirée, and a handwritten love note sealed with gold polka-dot washi tape. Later I created 125 goody packets shown above for Shape Soiree {where I’ll be speaking on 10/20}. All of these hand packaged goodies were dropped at the Post Office today and I’m eager for them to make their way into their new homes.

Within the next few days I’ll be sending a Love Note out to all newsletter subscribers. If you’re not yet on the list, please feel free join. It gets you access to Tranquil Treasures and occasional updates straight to your inbox. While it’s not the same as snail mail, I treat it with the same loving care because . . . letters mingle souls. Bisous. x