mon anniversaire

love notes
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today i turn one year older (39!) and enter into my fortieth year. i woke up in our rented parisian apartment (merci beaucoup airbandb) and le beau was making moi my beloved morning green tea. plans are light and somewhat spontaneous:
morning market + croissant
afternoon yoga class gifted from a facebook friend/paris yoga teacher
afternoon thrifting + wandering
evening meal with le beau + le pug at a sidewalk cafe
insert a macaron or deux 
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each birthday i do a review of the past year and a list of dreams for the upcoming year. here’s a snippet from my reflection:
since june 30, 2011 reflection
hosted 2 retreats in france
hosted 2 retreats in WV
co-hosted 1 retreat in costa rica
said goodbye to gramma
retreated in mexico
drove a camper through south of france
disney leadership institue
hired at amtrak for internship
celebrated 8 years with le beau
completed 5 MSW classes
hosted tranquil space team retreat + holiday fete
 grief counseling
tranquil space foundation strategic planning
launched tranquilologie e-course (july edition out 7/2)
intro to dance classes
 tranquil space foundation fall celebration + lunafest
embroidery classes
sewing classes
hosted le beau’s 40th birthday fete
TranquiliT turned 10
launched fall + spring TranquiliT collections
crafted handmade gifts
hollydaze with mum and pops
joined pigs board
soap, olive oil, perfume tours in provence
10-year anniversary in nyc with senior teachers
began year in nyc at yoga gathering
by june 30, 2013 dreams
graduate with masters in social work
 complete year of mindfulness program
learn to can
simplify chez moi
simplify schedule
proposal for third book
9-year anniversary with le beau
travel with amtrak internship + learn tons
mostly vegan
summer in france
vintage camper
home sewing + addition of upcycled items to TranquiliT
daily yoga, gym, meditation
weekly ballet classes
launch tranquility du jour anthology
launch tranquility du jour daybook
learn tons at world domination summit next week
healthy finances + strong budgets
consistent tranquility-infused morning + evening rituals
weekly girlfriend time + date night
tranquil space turns 13
more minimalism in all aspects (w/ continued sprinkles of luxury)
turn patio into english garden
laugh more
take a photography class
take a watercolor class
take a french class
learn lots at my 2 summer animal rights conferences
make a difference
line dry clothing
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as i head out into my day, i want to wish each of you a very special june 30th. we’re halfway through 2012 and it’s a perfect time to pause and reflect. by keeping so busy that we don’t have a moment to breathe, say “merci beaucoup,” or create dreams, we’re missing so much. may each day truly be seen as “the first day of the rest of your life.” remember, it’s all about the experiences. thank YOU for being part of mine. 
bisous. x