musings from dallas airport: the beauty of found time

love notes
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up at 4am. to airport at 5am. flight delays = missed connection. no worries. family is chill and i am content with laptop, planner pad, and books while awaiting next flight.

the beauty of found time. rather than dashing from place to place, it’s lovely to have unexpected space and time. travel can bring out the worst in people – especially when expectations aren’t met. it’s oddly amusing to see tantrums thrown by those over the age of 40.

i’ve learned to go with the flow in these situations but, to do so tranquilly, i ensure i have the following with me to alleviate the discomfort:

– bag of almonds
– pink mug for filling with tea
– water bottle for filling with h2o
– laptop + charger
– cellphone + charger
– medication
– magazines to go through, tear out, and toss
– books
– journal
– colorful pens
– articles to read
– toiletries for freshening up: parfum oil, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, powder
– an additional layer for overly air conditioned planes and airports
– planner pad

yep, it’s a lot to carry on but it ensures i’m ready for moments like this. found time and space can be a joyful experience if only we’re prepared.

they are calling my flight. o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a, oklahoma, ok, yay – here i come! refreshed and productive from today’s found space.

best wishes for a joyful weekend. may you, too, find some open space to breathe and dream.