new mexico bound

love notes
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my alarm will go off at 4am (ahhhhhh!) so i’ll be as pithy as possible.

so excited to dive into some writing at this writer’s spa. i’ve been tempted to go for years and it worked out that i’ll also be teaching the yoga so it should be an amazing time. always good to dive into a craft such as writing and to have the space to do so. what better area than taos? if you haven’t been to this godly part of the country, make a plan to – you won’t be disappointed. having grown up in oklahoma, it was just a hop, skip, and a jump away. i’ve missed it.

i’ll be sure to send updates if online access is abundant (keeping my fingers crossed). i hope you have a weekend planned with some creative endeavor and a yoga practice that will evoke a sense of connection to your core. namaste.