new york bound!

love notes
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i’m catching the 3:30am bus so that i’m sure to have oodles of time in nyc for my birthday. it’s only 10pm but i need to fall asleep soon to ensure i’m not a total zombie tomorrow. ah, the pressure. looking forward to a wonderful day of cupcake-eating, yoga practicing, and relishing in that beautiful city. plan to hit some bead shops and debating a pillow making class at make workshop, too. i was so hoping that the learning annex or open center would have something going on but no luck. lord knows i’m a sucker for workshops! i’m taking my computer so i hope to share insights along the way if i’m able to get online. if not, i’ve got my camera and plan to capture the day in a pictorial way. i’m thinking of tomorrow as one BIG artist date. happy final hours of 34. ‘night!