new york gathering: august 8

love notes
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image courtesy of matt jiggins via flickr
dearest new yorkers,
on august 5 i will be landing in your fabulous city for a week of yoga, vintage shopping, writing, dining, and creative inspiration with le pug and le beau in tow. i’d love to coordinate a gathering of creative ladies for impromptu tea or cocktails on monday, august 8 (7pm”ish”). if you’re interested and available, reply in the comment section or email moi and we’ll determine the perfect meet up spot. i’m thinking one of the darling alice’s tea cup spaces (suggested by creative cookie) may be a good fit and am open to other suggestions. 
also, we’ll be staying in a tiny apartment on west 14th in case you have any must-see or must-do suggestions. top on my list is the alexander mcqueen exhibit!
here’s to a week of basking in your city’s tremendous inspiration. this little girl is in need of the heaps of eye candy new york offers up and i’m over the moon to meet some of you! 
bisous. x