new york rocks my world

love notes
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today’s software training was insightful and caused eye-glazing at times. i get lost in the data but loving hearing their tips on customer service, marketing, and fun stuff. data isn’t so fun for me. i’m here with our lovely studio manager learning the ins and outs of the software system we’ve had for almost 5 years. no time like the present! well, in my defense, it changes constantly. they are always adding new, cool features.

after today’s 8-hour training, i headed over to FIT for a panel on eco-fashion. very interesting and sooo exciting to hear the many ways in which companies from wal-mart to barney’s are trying to behave in a more green “fashion.” among those mentioned were stella mccartney and linda loudermilk. geniuses! then dinner with a special being who is a former professional ballerina and designer of trienawear. always a treat to connect with a fellow niche clothing designer to laugh about the ongoing mishaps of the business. for example, ordering 700 yards of a fabric that you’ve planned a new design around only to find out it is lighter weight than what you designed for. or that the color isn’t quite right. or that the fabric shrinks substantially when washed so the patterns have to be made larger to accommodate for the shrinkage. ahhh, always something and when you are a small operation and it sure helps to have a chuckle about it.

yesterday i got in a class at jivamukti and was delighted to have the lovely russell simmons behind me while practicing. how do i always manage to take classes at the same time he does? i must have an angel watching over me! then i took a class at the learning annex on clothing and accessory manufacturing. apparently these few days in new york are ALL about learning!

oh, and while walking to the wrong address with all my luggage yesterday (yep, 4 blocks further than necessary b/c i read my training address rather than my hotel one!), i passed some fun bead shops full of big, chunky beads. gotta hit those over the next few days and carve out some serious creative beading time next week. beau and pug are heading up to ny after thanksgiving to see family. i plan to lie low, do some yoga, bead, and tackle some deep cleaning. can’t wait! off to bed. gotta rest these eyes for tomorrow’s software par-tay!