ny: a city of inspiration

love notes
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bon soir. i’m delighted to head to ny tomorrow to attend designers and agents with two fab TranquiliT gals. we’re up and back in one day to scope out what’s hot for spring 09. days like this always give me a fun jolt of creative play. yay for artist dates!

tonight i led a small portion of teacher training and it brought me back to 2002 when i launched our teacher training program at tranquil space. 6.5 years ago! wow. my how time flies. ever have those moments where you look at something (like a birthday) and realize that a ton of time has passed, yet you’re not sure how? with all the craziness (and sadness) of the past week, i’m hoping to do a bit of reflection on this. met with a dear friend for afternoon tea yesterday and she reminded me of how important it is to take a step back and acknowledge how far we’ve come. often times we can get so busy moving forward, crossing off to-dos, and getting from point a to point b that we forget the basics. i hope to return to them, at least for a moment during my journey to and from new york tomorrow.

considering my passion for new york, i’m hoping to take more solo day trips to just chill in central park, take yummy yoga, eat cupcakes, and write in a chic cafe. new york truly is a city full of inspiration – from the skyline to the creative street fashion to the wealth of choices for all your basic needs. and with the oh-so-economical bus options, there are no excuses. ah, new york – truly a city overflowing with creativity.