nyc bus and big bands

love notes
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yesterday began at 5:30 am and ended and 4:00 am. whew! i’d never experienced the joy of taking the $35 round trip bus to nyc from dc. considering my budget is more bus, but my taste is more train, i decided to listen to my budget this time. new york was a joy and whirlwind, as usual. i was up to explore more fabric options at material world, and i fell in love all over again with the luxurious bamboo fabric and micro cotton modals. yum.

en route to and from new york, i listened to some new tony bennett, top 20 big band CD, and ella fitzgerald CD i’d purchased from iTunes the night before. as i sat listening to new york, new york on the bus at 7am, i had to laugh. somehow this music is really resonating with me these days. am i getting old or finally acquiring true music taste (behind the high school days of hair bands, college years of country, post-college of lilith fair tunes, and the love of hip hop that soon followed)?