off to a cabin in loo-ray

love notes
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after paying bills (never fun), writing some snail mail thank yous (always a treat), finishing some pending to-dos, getting the october tranquil space newsletter finalized (happy october!), and sending some last minute e-mails, i’m dashing off to the country for some writing and creative work. woo-hoo. serenity awaits.

i’ll have limited online access while away but promise to touch base and share the journey any chance i get. it’s supposed to be chilly so i plan to hole up in front of a warm fire with tons of tea, good books, gemstones for tranquilista, my computer, and pug on my lap. should be a refreshing week. back friday for some meetings and then up to long island for a wedding this weekend. sending you warm thoughts for an equally serene week among the typical to-dos.

had to share this darling photo of louis on my leopard-print yoga mat. he has an uncanny desire to be on the mat when i am – right in the center. makes updog a bit tricky.