petal-full flowers

love notes
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dearest readers,

i am *delighted* to share more beautiful petals from sallie ann, lauren, shelly, jessica, and michelle. aren’t they lovely? you ladies are SO creative and inspire me to color outside the lines daily.

gearing up to leave for my mixed media retreat in mexico on sunday, mail out tranquilista book orders, dive into mindfulness meditation meets yoga 5-day practice, prep for tranquilista book launch (SAVE THE DATE: february 4, 7-9pm at the darlington house), play in my new goddess workbook, savor yin yoga university, host the online creativity circle, sew more pieces for my soon-to-launch etsy shop, and start back to school. whew!

january is overflowing with creativity and opportunity. i hope your 2010 is off to a *decadent* start. you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the influx of post-“hollyday” e-mails and to-dos coupled with low energy (moi too), but we’ll be back to our routines in no time. AND, hopefully we’ll have created some new productive and fabulous routines thanks to our new year’s intentions. i’m working on some and hope you are, too!

sending you lots of good vibes for a sparkly, magical, joy-filled thursday!