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while creating a visual journal in mexico last week, i decided to take some paint, paper, tissue paper, and envelopes to my 2010 planner pad to fancify it.

the top 4 images are examples of my new tabs (created from colorful scrap paper plus tape), tissue paper layered inside the back pages to add a splash of color and additional pages, an envelope for me to keep index cards of goals, and a top view showing my ribbon covered paper clip and the various colors/textures sticking out of my planner. makes it more fun, eh?

julie barnes (second to last 2) and amy williams (last 2) passed along images of their inner and outer cover decoration similar to the one i shared on a former tranquility du jour video.

i hope these ideas help infuse some fun into your “to-doing.” after all, we need a schedule. we need goals. we need direction. we need to know when to be where. we need to have lists. why not make them colorful, sparkly, and pleasing to touch?

any additional planner pad ideas you have? do share!