post-birthday glow

love notes
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I hit every landmark I was hoping to during my 13.5-hour tenure in the big apple including magnolia bakery and a class with the oh-so-lovely dharma mittra. I’ve been in awe of him since coming across that gorgeous poster of him in more poses than I thought were possible. The most notorious is of him in headstand only on his head – no arm support. According to his website he was to be in Japan today so imagine my excitement when he walked into the studio. I was psyched for my 2-hour master class with him and about 20 other students. As we transitioned from crow to chaturanga to crow to chaturanga to forearm stand (yes, that was our warm-up), I was over the moon. I love the breaking of convention, especially when done with such authenticity.

In addition to Dharma being in town, I also got a birthday gift at Urban Outfitters. I feel in love with these boots. I asked if they came in black and no, they didn’t. Sad, I requested the brown ones in my size. Then, lo and behold, I saw some black fringe peeking out of a box. Voila, they were an online returned pair AND in my size. I was smitten, put them on and only took them off to practice yoga – oh and to get a massage! Running around town in leggings, the all-in-one, a tube bodysuit from American Apparel (yes, I practiced yoga in it!), my new boots, and a long strand of pearls felt fabulously liberating!

Here’s my special day in a nutshell:

Up at 2:45 am
Bus leaves at 3:30 am
Drunk (and not-so-tranquil) man gets on bus at 6am and yell the rest of the journey
Arrive at 8:30am
Head to Moby’s teashop Teany but it was closed until 10am
Find a corner teashop and write until 10am
Hit Broadway to do some browsing and find fabulous boots
Head to Dharma Mittra’s studio to practice 12-2
Walk to wholesale bead area to shop for more tranquilista gems
Walk to Union Square and hit Strand bookstore. Resist purchasing
Pass a walk-in spa and get a yummy shiatu massage (first ever and LOVED IT)
Head to Maria Tash on Broadway to buy myself a 35-year birthday gift: fancy nose stud
Walk to Magnolia Bakery and, yes, it is worth the hype. Hit Pinkberry along the way. Double dessert!
Wander upon this yummy new green, organic restaurant Gusto
Cab to Penn Station to browse a nearby bookstore and catch my 10pm train home

This birthday has been a lovely time of svadyaya (self-study) as it feels like a milestone. I’m not freaked out so much about aging (ok, maybe a tiny bit) as I am about life passing so quickly. It feels like just yesterday that I started Tranquil Space at 16th & u, although it was 9 years ago this October. I’ve been a hamster on a wheel since it began and I like taking these moments to reflect on all the lessons, gifts, and next steps. When I arrived in NY, I pulled out the goals I wrote on my last birthday, assessed them, and wrote new goals that I hope to have accomplished by June 2009. Starting the day with this intention setting felt like the right way to begin. Ending it in a state of exhaustion from an action-packed day in NY felt like the perfect way to end.

Although I charged my camera and was all set to capture the day in this way, I ended up only taking two photos: 1 of a genius window display at Eileen Fisher and 1 of my yummy cupcake. The best laid plans . . .

A BIG thank you for the well wishes. Now life is back to normal and continues as a full-fledged 35-year-old with fabulous new boots and a renewed spirit!