rainy monday

love notes
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louis and beau helped me sign in classes at the studio on thanksgiving – note the fresh baked cookies and lovely pink and white poinsettia! after classes i found that the lovely julia and jlo (pictured in the photos) were having a planner pad 2008 planning par-tay so i gleefully invited myself over while beau cooked up the tofurkey. look at us going to town with papers, stickers, glue, and tape while decorating our planner pads.

was up until 2am organizing last night. finished the closet clean out, did some holiday gift buying (rosemary trees for delivery), worked with a consultant on some website redesigns, and took a yummy bath filled with a LUSH bath bomb.

today i returned to the doctor for more investigation into the odd gastrointestinal drama. he’s putting me on a special diet coupled with a morning and evening pill. gotta stay away from chocolate, tomato sauce, onions, and more fun stuff. bummer. should be an interesting month!

signed up for an exciting 15-week program with naropa university in boulder that starts in january. love, love, love learning. addicted actually. so much to learn, so little time.

the outside rain makes me very sleepy. may need a nap before yoga tonight. hope you’re having a lovely recovery from any holiday drama.