ready to be home

love notes
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it’s been a lovely few days of family time but i can’t wait to curl up in my own bed, soak in my own tub, and not engage in small talk for at least 24 hours. woke up at 5am and am catching up on e-mail while we await our delayed baltimore flight to take us home from newark. i think i am officially traveled out for awhile.

gramma’s birthday soiree was tons o’ fun and i have some entertaining photos to share. amazing how exhausting it is to fly to oklahoma, drive from oklahoma to texas, galivant all over texas shopping (did you know vera wang has a new line at kohl’s?), participate in a party for the 95-year-old queen, drive back to oklahoma, and fly home. i’m truly pooped and my body is so out of sorts. dined on dark chocolate m & ms (gramma even had to hide them from me because i was eating her whole big bag), sipped a ton of tea, ate oodles of tex mex, dined on the buttercream icing from gramma’s cake, and tried to get in anything fresh any chance i could. my family loves pre-packaged everything. my body is out of whack!

while waiting for our next plane, i pulled out the trusty planner pad to see what my week had in store for me. wrote in numerous to dos with my new multi-colored gel pens and am ready to dive back in – after a good long bath tub soak, some yummy yoga, fresh food, and good night’s sleep in my own bed.

by the way, many of you requested “pink palace” photos. with all the recent travel, it has been hard to capture the cozy condo without packed or unpacked bags strewn throughout. i promise you that those photos are forthcoming but i just couldn’t bear to show them in the state of flux my home has recently been in. stay tuned.