sickie gone wild

love notes
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woke up today feeling the worst yet and, of course, today was to be a very full day including the kick-off of our annual 200-hour teacher training. i’ve always led this first weekend and was co-hosting it this year – thank goodness because i’m in bed and sweet kevin is leading away. being sick is so disappointing. i can’t smell (making my passion for scented candles void), all i want to eat is raw cookie dough (odd, i know), talking on the phone hurts my throat, reading hurts my sinus-filled eyes, and not being able to do yoga makes me crazy. other than that, i’m happy as a clam! 😉

i got a sub for tomorrow’s class and am determined to be back in business tomorrow night to assist with teacher training. then on sunday the first creativity circle intensive session begins. so much fun!

beau made me baked cookies (so i’d stop gnawing on the dough) and pizza is on its way. think i’m starting to get bed sores. maybe someone was trying to tell me to slow down?

to end on a less whiney note, i’m sooooo excited to share that i’ve just finalized the scoop to have a new york city book launch fete on thursday, march 8 from 7-9pm! ny girls (and i know there are a ton of you), please mark your calendars. it’s sure to be a ton o’ fun and will be held at lolitas. so hope you will grace me with your presence and i promise to have long kissed sickie goodbye.

oh, and check out an interview on divine diva delights – a fabulously fun website!