signature style wednesdays: desk to impress

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three rules of work:
out of clutter find simplicity;
from discord find harmony;
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
(albert einstein)

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!
it’s so nice to see you again. in case this is our first time meeting, please take a moment to check out last week’s musings on shaping up with sass. this week’s topic is desk to impress—how making subtle style changes to your work environment can inspire creativity and productivity in your everyday life.

whether you’re self-employed, rocking a 9-5 or finding yourself somewhere between, it’s important to work in an environment that welcomes you. a messy or drab desk can make simple tasks seem daunting. on the other hand, a sparkling and inspired desk can provide a fresh perspective on challenges in the workplace or at home.

get organized
streamline your workspace to become more efficient and less stressed. when files and desk supplies have designated places, it’s easy to quickly find important items. for this reason, i am a big believer in filing systems and drawer organizers—there are great ones out there, but you can also make your own.

sometimes organizing a desk can be more than a half-hour project. if your workspace is in need of a major overhaul, start with one corner and work your way around. take small bites and you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make over a period of time.

infuse your personality
many of us spend more hours at work than at play. spice things up with colored staples, or go eco-friendly with a staple-less stapler. decorate a mini-clip board for your ever so important to-do list. make meetings more interesting by taking notes on a fun legal pad. enjoy incorporating your style with other office supply treats. display an inspiring quote. remember to keep words of wisdom close.

make your desk work for you
be sure to adjust your work environment in ways that will enhance your daily experience. if your style is simple and straightforward, try not to overwhelm your space with decorative elements. listen to your instincts and pay attention to what catches your eye. like anything else, focus on adding elements of style that lift your spirits and make you smile.

infuse inspiration in your desk decor. check items off your to-do with glittery pens. organize, simplify, breathe.

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