signature style wednesdays: setting intentions with sparkle

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your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
who looks outside, dreams. who looks inside, awakens.
(carl jung)

hello tranquilistas!

i’m kaileenelise, a twenty-something from the west coast, currently residing in north carolina. my passion for living an extraordinary adventure influenced me to begin my blog last september. since then, i’ve discovered an amazing online community that has inspired me in ways i never thought possible.

like many of you, kimberly wilson is a woman who i look up to with great adoration—an inspirational leader for creative entrepreneurs everywhere. i’m delighted to be included in such a stellar guest-blogger gang and consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to share my musings with you.

i adore all things stylishfrom fashion accessories to desk supplies.

signature style is an outward expression of your creativity. for some it’s the way you do your hair & the makeup you wear. for others it’s the music you listen to & the blogs you read. it could be the polish on your toes & the pencils on your desk. or maybe the way you wrap gifts and the notes you send in the mail.

each of us expresses our signature style in a variety of ways. every wednesday, we will explore a way to shine a little brighter. i’m looking forward to connecting with you and hope you’ll share your insights and ideas for signature style topics.

setting intentions with sparkle

it amazes me that we’re already a few days into a new decade. most people are slowly coming out of their post-holiday haze and are getting back into their daily routine.

one of my favorite to-do’s each january is picking out a fresh journal. there’s nothing like reviewing the past year and setting intentions for the future—especially when inscribing resolutions and goals on crisp, clean pages.

there are so many places to find chic and inspiring journals. a few of my favorites are papaya!, kate’s paperie and paper-source. i also really enjoy basic styles because they are fun to decorate with magazine clippings and favorite photos.

for some gals on the go, the idea of writing daily is too much. try a friendship journal or mini diary if you want to keep memories close, but are looking for something with less commitment.

before sitting down to journal, set the mood with a cup of coffee and chill tunes. find inspiration in gourmet scented colored pencils and a friendly eraser. discover your journal-writing style with musings on creative prompts.

meditate, think, plan and breathe. write down whatever comes to mind. savor the beginnings of your stylish journal and add to it when inspiration strikes.

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