Spring Shoot & Virtual Retreat

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Here’s a peek into last Saturday’s TDJ spring shoot, the virtual retreat, and my reunion with Gizmo afterwards.

At our TDJ Style Spring Pop-Up on May 1 I’ll give a peek into the new designs plus share tips on creating and styling your own capsule wardrobe. Join us live or register to receive the replay.

For the virtual retreat, I loved having a live audience member. Shizuka, in town from Tokyo, was the perfect guest for the seasonal reflecting and creating. Taking the time each season to do these practices helps keep me maintain and sustain a more tranquil way of living!

Thanks to your support of the retreat, we raised $1,000 for Pigs & Pugs Project, Borneo Orangutan Survival, and International Fund for Animal Welfare’s efforts in Ukraine.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend and thank you for joining me on this journey! x