staying true to self

love notes
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this morning i went to speak at the washington dc economic partnership on having a business in dc. as i approached the building after braving the cold and walking 35 minutes in wedge boots to get there, i peeked inside and saw lots of professionally dressed folks in navy. i giggled to myself as i was still wearing the same tranquiliT leggings i practiced in yesterday and slept in last night. what’s a girl to do when she has to get up so early? (8am) i know, i know. 8am is sleeping late for some folks but i do my best work late at night and enjoy sleeping past my beau’s alarm clock. not today.

anyway, i share this with you because it made me reflect on the constant struggle that we have with who we are and how to share that with the world. i am no longer a navy-suit-with-crisp-white-shirt-wearing girl. yes, i roll out of bed, freshen up, and add some hot boots, coupled with a long colorful necklace from tobago, to my all black yoga wear look. this is me. i gotta wear it proudly even in a room filled with lovely professionally dressed folks. my speech went well and i saw some familiar faces in the crowd which is always consoling.

it is so important to stay true to who you are while also fitting in with the crowd. how you present yourself in front of a banker asking for a loan is very different than how you present yourself to your girlfriends while dining at lauriol plaza. however, they are all you–just different facets. explore ways to bring a little more of who you are into every interaction. people deserve to see your creativity AND idiosyncracies shine. that is what makes you unique. here’s to a continaul exploration of staying true to yourself (even if you arrive to give a speech in the same leggings you practiced AND slept in)!