style shots from france suitcase

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image courtesy of glamour
you may recall my packing shots from may 22 where i was gathering basics to create multiple outfits for travel, art, camping, yoga, thrifting, museum going, cafe sitting, beach time, hot weather, chilly weather, and napping in france. i managed to get by swimmingly, sent a couple items home (scarf + leopard print leggings), never wore one item (off white slip), removed a few from the suitcase after shooting the pics (2 skirts), and picked up a few things along the way (striped espadrilles, polka dot vintage skirt, scarves, straw bag). here are 11 outfit shots showing various ways to mix and match these few pieces in a parisian apartment with dusk setting in and streaming through the window.
2in1 chemise, leggings, pink scarf, clogs, long sleeve wrap tunic in hand
same outfit donning the long sleeve wrap tunic and straw market bag with peonies
2in1 chemise, leggings, clogs + savasana throw as scarf

striped tee, infinity scarf, palazzo pants, expandable mesh shopping bag
flowy skirt, 2in1 chemise, vintage cardigan, long faux pearls, clogs
2in1 fitted top, palazzo pants, straw bag (thanks mum), polka dot scarf, clogs
striped tee over 2in1 fitted top, dark demin jeans, clogs
flowy skirt as tunic over flare leggys, leopard print scarf
j’aime tranquil space tee, tights, lounge shorts, scarf, vintage denim jacket, clogs
same outfit with savasana throw as wrap
2in1 chemise, lounge shorts, tights, knit cardigan, vintage crochet bag, clogs
as i prepare to pack today for the world domination summit in portland, i plan to do lots of mixing and matching with noir as my base color (surprise) and keep the focus on layers. one piece missing from the above shots is my 2in1 slip dress that i would wear for days in a row. love pieces great for dressing up and down where you can add or subtract pants and scarves for various weather conditions! yay for tranquil packing and style. bisous. x